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We were most impressed that the LS-100 included 14 total connection ports, including HDMI ports, USB ports, audio ports, and more. Laser light is useful in entertainment because the coherent nature of laser light allows a narrow beam of light to be produced, which allows the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images […]

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Irritability. Feeling overwhelmed. The stress and anxiety that accompany a lack of relaxation are both associated with irritability and feeling overwhelmed (7). If stress, anxiety, irritability, and feeling overwhelmed sound like a whole lot to handle at once, well, they are. By that logic, when you lack relaxation, your stress and anxiety levels may increase. […]

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Epson won’t reveal the native contrast ratio of its LCD imagers, but the company’s UB (Ultra Black) enhancement technology-which incorporates a dynamic iris and light polarization to reduce light scatter in the engine-is known to achieve impressive contrast ratios and black levels when viewed in appropriately dark conditions. The light source in LCoS projectors is […]

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