outdoor laser projector

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While it’s ideal to buy a projector that has 4K resolution, there are still quite a lot of good quality projectors that project at 1080. Additionally, you might look for special features, like Epson’s pixel shifting technology, which doubles the 1920 x 1080 resolution. Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ are onboard, along with a […]

cheap outdoor laser lights

With this solar-powered Christmas light, you get two different functionalities. The dual control, both remote control and the button on the light, also works great. Just simply set it up and adjust it to the best projection angle within 5 minutes, you can choose what pattern and design you want to project by simply using […]

blue outdoor laser light projector

You can do some light management or choose a darker/shaded area for the job if you’re outside. These unique products actually started as a night light for the creator’s daughter. Most products come with a remote control with which you can change modes and colours, as well as set timers. The remote allows you to […]

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