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If there are bright light sources in the room, a projector with 3000 lm or more will show clear images. How Far Will 2000 lumens shine? How Far Will 6000 lumens shine? This outdoor laser light will surely keep your little ones preoccupied as they watch the lights, either stay still or move across your […]

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Most products come with a remote control with which you can change modes and colours, as well as set timers. It illuminates an area a few square feet shy of 150 (12 x 12), producing an ever changing pattern of snow, making the snowflakes as if come alive thanks to the four play modes available. […]

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You may find that much-needed relaxation with a red night light. With sky lights, you can project these stunning sights throughout your room, forget about your usual worries, and find yourself in a long-sought, much-needed state of relaxation. Yes, that includes outdoor Christmas lights, and you can safely move your outdoor Christmas projectors indoors for […]

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Well, size is another thing that a person may have to consider when purchasing a projector. Well, the answer to this is yes! If you’re looking for even better sound, look for a projector with Bluetooth connectivity and pair it with a larger portable speaker. The best outdoor projectors come outfitted with built-in speakers, voice […]

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If you point it at something, it produces a dot. A laser produces a really focused light beam. There is red, green, and blue laser light with a remote which produces sparkling glitter and it makes a perfect laser light projector. More and more projectors today use solid-state light sources, meaning LEDs or lasers, but […]

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Most modern laser projectors can be used both indoor and outdoor. You might only need the on-board audio speakers or, if there’s an audio port on the unit, you can use external speakers. It could be that you might save yourself some money by changing out the bulb yourself. Some lights give users the option […]

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All 4.0 series illuminators now have a built in rectifier allowing them to be powered by either the included 110/120V AC outlet adapter or by directly wiring them into the existing low voltage landscape lighting. All 4.0 series illuminators now have a built in thermostat and inline heating technology. All 4.0 series illuminators now benefit […]

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